Skills to behaviours

A blended learning framework that unlocks the potential of your people by taking the learning back to the workplace.

Our learning journey

We combine face-to-face learning with a host of other tools to make the learning stick and be useful in the workplace.

Face-to-face workshops

Half-day sessions at the start and end of the learning journey help build knowledge and skills directly and away from distractions.

In-work activities

A series of activities to carry out in the workplace ensures that the learning is put in to practise by linking it to the job directly.

Regular check-ins

Regular check-ins via the private learners’ group help our learners stay on track and give us the chance to answer any questions.

Learning challenges

Relevant articles and activities ensure the learning continues after the workshop, helping to embed and expand knowledge.

Coaching toolkit

Our toolkit gives line managers a simple framework that makes their vital involvement meaningful and hassle-free.

Online learning community

A private learners’ group with access to course materials and a chance to stay in touch and collaborate during the learning journey.

Sounds like something for your company?

Learn exactly what you need

With a mix of classroom learning, in-work activities, and coaching, you’ll see the impact where it matters most – in your workplace.

Our approach focuses on more than just giving your team the learning they need – it provides opportunities to practise that learning, it engages their line manager in the learning, and it continues the learning outside of the classroom.

This means that the new skill is quickly translated into a change in behaviour and an increase in competence.

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Maximising the potential of your people

Your team is your greatest asset – you employ them to do the best they can for you.

Equipped with the knowledge, and the right tools, your people can maximise the value they bring to your business.

Helping them to succeed means you both win – you get an engaged and motivated workforce who are equipped to deliver their best to your customers and to drive your vision.

Bringing it back to work

By using learning challenges, in-work activities, and coaching cards for line managers, we help you bridge the gap between learning and competence.

Face-to-face learning has many benefits, but used alone it often provides little more than a short-term increase in motivation as people find it difficult to understand how to use what they’ve learnt when they’re back at their desk.
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Our unique approach solves common problems:

“The learning is not specific to our business”

A series of activities to carry out in the workplace ensure that the learning is linked to the job directly so that the new skills are specific to your business and their role.

“There’s no continuity or accountability”

Weekly check-ins help our learners stay on track and give us the chance to review their progress and answer any questions. Combined with the private learners’ group and the toolkit for line managers, this ensures that learning commitments are followed through and put into action back at work.

“The learning doesn't stick”

We provide managers with a toolkit to help them coach and guide learners following the workshop – giving them the tools to carry out this vital role embeds the learning and ensures the new skill is translated into a change in behaviours.

“Courses don't translate to an increase in competence”

Our blended learning approach means that learning challenges and activities help to embed and expand the new skills, leading to a change in behaviours and an increase in competence.
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About Gill

Gill is a Learning and Development Consultant and director of Learning Curve. She has decades of experience in learning and development in a corporate environment.
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Nicola Quayle

HR Consultant

“Gill makes the big company learning experience accessible to smaller organisations.”

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