Leverage your e-learning

Building on your existing e-learning programme, we build a blended learning programme that transforms your e-learning into a dynamic and valuable development resource.

Do you have a great range of e-learning courses but feel that your business and your people aren’t getting the best out of them?

We can tailor a blended learning programme that maximises the e-learning you already have – taking your e-learning offering from good to great.

Dramatically improve the outcomes from your e-learning

Research shows that within one hour people forget an average of 50% of the information they learn – within a week that can increase to 90%.

So, without reinforcement and practice, most of what your people are learning in their e-learning is lost.

The good news is that this can be dramatically improved by enhancing your e-learning with in-work activities, quizzes, feedback, and mentoring. 

Guiding learners to help them to recall, explore, practise, and reflect.

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We can work with any soft skill or management topic in your e-learning offering. We may also be able to help with other topics - get in touch to discuss your options.

Build from the foundation

We find out what your goal is and work with your existing e-learning as the foundation to build a professional management development programme.

Create learning activities

A series of independent learning activities help learners recall the topic and explore it further through a variety of resources including Ted Talks, industry articles and professional research.

Encourage active learning

Additional learning challenges help learners to understand how the new skills can be used in the workplace – talking to senior leaders, engaging with a mentor, or gathering feedback from their peers.

Support skills practice

Tailored activities support learners as they put their skills into practice, helping them to use the tools and techniques from the e-learning.

Enable learning with peers

We can also build in workshops and one-to-one or group coaching at stages along the learning journey to take the learning up another level.

Deliver remotely or face-to-face

Workshops and coaching can be delivered remotely or face to face.

Manage your budget

We can design a package to suit your needs and your budget.

Helping you to get real value for money from your existing e-learning.

Create a dynamic, valuable learning programme for your people.

Get in touch for a quote and upgrade your e-learning from good to great.

To ensure that you get real value for money for your e-learning budget, get in touch to discuss how we can support your existing scheme. gill@learningcurve.im or call on 07624 368416

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About Gill

Gill is a Learning and Development Consultant and director of Learning Curve. She has decades of experience in learning and development in a corporate environment.