Effective management skills

25 April 2022
09:30 - 16:30
MPES, Douglas

On this one-day workshop, you’ll learn some great management hacks and techniques to help you. We’ll share tools to make your job easier and give you the confidence to lead with your own style and values

Being a manager is rewarding and challenging – you have the opportunity to inspire and motivate your team and to provide the focus and drive to enable your people to deliver results.

But it’s not easy. Managing people, situations, and results is a challenge!

Whether you are a brand-new line manager, or you’ve been managing or leading a team for some time, you’ll come away with ideas and tactics you can put into practice straight away.

What’s in it for me?

  • Recognise the strengths of your own management style and how to adapt to different people and situations
  • Understand what makes a good manager vs a bad manager
  • Learn the key elements of effective performance reviews and how to manage performance with confidence
  • Understand the importance of setting clear goals with your team to help you manage performance
  • Develop your coaching skills to improve conversations and communication with your people
  • Enhance your ability to share honest and effective feedback with your team
Learners in a course sat at a table talking with their laptops in front of them

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