Assertiveness skills

6 April 2022
09:30 - 12:30
MPES, Douglas

This session will introduce you to tools and techniques that you can use right away to build your confidence in handling situations that you usually avoid

  • Do you find yourself in situations where you find it hard to speak up?
  • Do you end up saying yes to work when you should have said no?
  • Do you struggle to share your views and opinions?

By developing assertiveness skills, you can start to apply techniques that help you to express yourself more clearly, openly, and confidently.

What’s in it for me?

  • Recognise the difference between assertive, aggressive, and passive behaviour
  • Explore the impact your behaviour has on how assertive you are
  • Make assertive requests
  • Learn how to say no, where appropriate
  • Apply a three-step model to help you assert yourself at work
Learners at a workshop discussing their training notes with coffee and laptop

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