Skills to behaviours

Work-based learning and development in the Isle of Man.

Learning that sticks

We combine face-to-face learning with a host of other tools to make the learning stick and be useful in the workplace.

Face-to-face workshops

Half-day sessions at the start and end of the learning journey help build knowledge and skills directly and away from distractions.

In-work activities

A series of activities to carry out in the workplace ensures that the learning is put into practice by linking it to the job directly.

Regular check-ins

Weekly check-ins help our learners stay on track and give us the chance to review their progress and answer any questions.

Skills to behaviours

With a mix of classroom learning, in-work activities and coaching, you’ll see the impact where it matters most – in your workplace.

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Bespoke solutions

By using learning challenges, in-work activities, and coaching cards for line managers, we help you bridge the gap between learning and competence.

Public courses

We regularly run public workshops and webinars, both face to face and virtual, on a range of topics. 

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Events coming up

We’re delighted to be collaborating with MPES (Manx Professional and Educational Services) to bring you a great choice of development opportunities for 2023. Sign up for updates about upcoming events.

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About Gill

Gill is a Learning And Development Consultant and director of Learning Curve. She has decades of experience in learning and development in a corporate environment.

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Nicola Quayle

HR Consultant

“Gill makes the big company learning experience accessible to smaller organisations.”

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